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8. Door Party
                                                             “THE DOOR TO THE PARTY!”
Text: John 10:7,9                                        GODTALK #8, 5/26/16
            A.  Parable--A group of college boys were down at the beach.  They stopped to watch some of the guys playing basketball.  The game ended—winners looked at the group—"Want to play?"  "OK." They started playing--their shortest one was taller than their tallest one. They are killing us.  In about two minutes--it was 9-0.  We called timeout.  We prayed--God to help us.  Do something.”  When they opened their eyes--there on the court with us--another player. Very tall.  6'6". Took off his jacket, we saw his shirt--#23, Chicago.  Michael Jordan.  “You want me to play with you?” “Yes!”  What do you do when playing with Michael Jordan?  Give him the ball!  Immediately he scored.  9-1.  They shot--he jumped up and blocked it.  Raced down the court--dunked it again, over them all. We figured out pretty quick--just to get out of the way.  Let Him play.  He blocked every single one of their shots.  They began to beat on Him, until blood was everywhere.  But He kept scoring.  It got to 9-9.  Everyone on the beach was now watching our game.  Then He got the ball one last time, 9-9, everyone on their feet, He roared down--pulled up from just over the half court line--shot the ball--dropped through the basket.  Started shouting, “We won.”   They lifted Him up to their shoulders  And maybe the sweetest moment of all, was, before the losers left the court, forever--they all bowed low, and admitted that He was the Greatest there Ever was.  Christ is the Champion, when He won, we all won!
            B.  Like David and Goliath–If David wins–all of Israel wins.  If Goliath wins–all of the Philistines win.  Jesus is one on one with Satan out in the wilderness.  He lives His whole life–undefeated.  Never sins–one single time.  Goes to the Cross.  They kill Christ–put him in a grave, roll a stone over the entrance, put a Roman guard.   Sunday morning every demon in the universe is there to make sure He stays dead.  But there’s an earthquake, the Stone is rolled away, the guard falls over–Jesus comes walking out of there. Shouts out, REVELATION 1:17-18 “’Do not be afraid.  I am the First and the Last.  I was dead, and behold I am alive forever and ever!  And I hold the keys of death and Hell.’”
II.  “I AM THE DOOR.”  John 10.  
            A.  Jesus makes these incredible claims.  "I Am" statements--I am the Light of the World.  I am the Water of life–drink from my well, never thirst again.  JOHN 10:7,9 “’I am the Door for the sheep.  Whoever enters through Me will be saved. ‘” There are some things we do to get to the Door.  Bible study.  Reading the Bible–How we know Christ. But it’s not the Door  Prayer–very important–But it's not the Door.  The Church–I love the Church. But it's not the Door.  Doctrines, beliefs, theology--not the Door.
            B.  Then there are things we do after we go through the Door–Christ becomes Lord of our lives, we keep 10 commandments, go to church, love our neighbor, go on mission trips.  No–Jesus is the Door.  PHILIPPIANS 3:8-10 “Consider everything else a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ.”
            A.  The Door is Open Wide.  REVELATION 3:8 “’I have set before you an Open Door–that no one can shut.’”  The Door is always open.  When Prodigal Son came home–father came running.  Door is always open.  The unpardonable sin is not God closing the door on you, it is you closing the door on God.  The Close of Probation is not God closing the door–it is people closing the door on God.  God always says yes.     
            B.  Jesus is the Last Word on God.  All those OT stories, hard to understand–scares people about God–but not last word on God.  Jesus is the Last Word on God..
            C.  Free From Guilt.  Moment you walk through that Door–guilt is gone.  REVELATION 12:10 “The accuser of the brethren, who accuses them before God day and night, has been cast down.”  If you are still carrying guilt, you haven’t gone through the door.  JEREMIAH 31:34 “’I will remember their sin no more.’”
            D.  Assurance of Salvation.  JOHN 10:9 “’Whoever enters through Me will be saved.’” Talked about it last time—moment you go through the door, you have salvation.  Right now.  Today.  Name on the List
            E.  The Party begins when you go through the Door.  People think, party begins when you’re perfect, or when you go to heaven, or when you get baptized.  Matt. 25–Bridegroom & Ten virgins–the moment you go through that Door–the Party begins. 
.           F.  The Judgment–the issue in the Judgment is not what God thinks of you–but what you think of God.   JOHN 10:14 “’My sheep know My voice.’” Do you know the Voice?  The Shepherd doesn’t decide which sheep go in, which stay out.  Sheep decide–know the voice of the Shepherd?  He’s the Door!  San Diego aircraft Carrier–Hybels–sailing in race in San Diego Bay–aircraft carrier came into the Bay–all little boats went either right or left–but not in middle.  Carrier didn’t decide–they decided.  Christ is the Aircraft Carrier–He is the issue in the Judgment.  What are you going to do–about Him?
            In WWII—two pastors from Scotland got shot down and ended up in a German prison camp, one with the Americans, one with the British.  The Americans had a little radio, every night got news about the war.  One pastor from Scotland would go to the fence, give the news over the fence  in his language to the other pastor on the other side, he would tell the British, Germans couldn’t understand.  The day came, radio said, the war was over!  All the Americans came out, waving, throwing their hats in the air, yelling, shouting, “We won, we’re going home, not going to die, we win, you lose!”  The Scottish pastor went to the fence, told the news to the other pastor, he told the British, the British came running out, waving, shouting, “We won, you can’t kill us, we’re going home!”  Germans didn’t hear for 3 days, then left in the middle of the night and left the gates open.  For 3 days, still in prison, but free in their hearts—knew, war was over.  Same with us—still here.  Gates still closed.  Still in prison.  But in our hearts—war already over.  Jesus won.  We’re going home!
            This is GODTALK!  Hope you’ll stay with us for next time!
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