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Bible Prophecy Adventures

Prophecy Seminar
Lesson 1. Answers
          1. Daniel,
          3. third,
          5. time   end
          6. 1. History   2. Prophetic
          7.  Yes,  sure, prophecy,  heed, shineth, star
          8.  a. Kingdom  b. year,  c. people

Lesson 1: Introduction to the book of Daniel
Does the possibility of nuclear annihilation frighten you?

Are you fearful that the world is on a countdown to the         Battle of Armageddon?

Are we headed toward some cosmic confict straight out of Star Wars?

What does the future hold for our world?

Have you  attempted to understand the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, but have been confused by all the symbolism of those prophecies?

These and many other amazing questions will be answered through this Prophecy Seminar.

What the Prophecy Seminar Will Do For You:

1. You will understand the prophecies of Daniel and many of those in Revelation as you have never understood them before.

2. Your friends will be amazed at how much you will know about the books of Daniel and Revelation.

3. You will discover the amazing story of the cosmic drama unfolding between the forces of good and evil, and the ultimate trumph of Christ.

4. You will enhance your relationship with Jesus Christ as you get better acquainted with the One who delivers God´s people.

5. You will find inner peace and security as you learn the truth that God is in control of world events.

Since the book of Revelation in the New Testament is the companion book to Daniel, we will be examining many similar prophecies in Revelation in order that we might better understand Daniel

These two Bible books are most intriguing.  They are full of prophetic symbols. For some, this symbolism has been a barrier to understanding the message of the books, but this need not be.  The exciting news is that You can understand the books of Daniel and Revelation!  you will discover the meaning of the various symbols. You have never before understaood them. The book of Revelation will also come alive for you.      One great news is that God is giving us generously the understanding through His Holy Spirit. 

See you at the seminar  at Thai Seventh-day Adventist Church, 10855 New Jersey Street, Redlands, 92373. phone 909-335-2272 or 909-528-0825. 

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10855 New Jersey St • Redlands, CA, 92373-6253• 909-335-2272